KTSB achieves highest NPS score in 2017 in Asia & Middle East

KTSB once again achieved the highest NPS score of 63% among Vopak’s Asia and Middle East terminals and its VSQI is 4.58. The team has taken several initiatives to improve their service and up their standard to meet customers’ expectation. Furthermore, it will position Vopak’s Service Principles in the hearts and minds of their staff and uplift the spirit of service throughout the organization.

The team has conducted various engagements throughout 2017 and they would continue the efforts on service. Still, there is always room for improvement and KTSB also encourage our customers to always give us feedback.

A mini celebration was held on March 26th to thank the staff for contributing towards the achievement. The highlight of the celebration was the quiz session based on Vopak Customer Satisfaction Survey. The colleagues answered all six questions correctly, proving their continued awareness of the survey and focus on service.


By Rodhiatun Adawiyah Alias