KTSB launches ‘I See, I Intervene’ Campaign

On 8 January 2018, KTSB’s HSEQ Department launched the first safety campaign for 2018 – “I See, I Intervene (ICII)” campaign, aiming to enhance the development of the best safety culture and creating KTSB as the safest and most harmonious workplace for everyone. Attended by staff, contractors, suppliers, security personnel, the launch included info sharing, a quiz and a celebration of a safety achievement – the team was proud to have completed 4,430 days of LTI free operations (equivalent to more than 12 years of safe operations since the last incident in 2005). A celebration was held to recognize the effort and contribution from all parties involved in KTSB operations.


In his speech, KTSB’s CEO, Surizan Khalil said, “This achievement is not only the effort of a selected person or department, but it comes from everyone that involves in KTSB operation including the contractors, transporters, suppliers and others third parties”.


By Syed Mohd Razali Syed Md Poad