KTSB Invites Customers to Durian Feast

With the durian season in full swing in the last few months, Kertih Terminals Sdn Bhd (KTSB) took the opportunity to host a durian party ‘KTSB Kendurian’ on 25 July 2018. The networking
event was attended by 35 focal persons of KTSB’s key customers, and even including some very high-level guests.

Held at the house of KTSB CEO Surizan Khalil, this casual durian feast gathering was an excellent platform for everyone to bond over a common love for the king of fruit and enhances relations with the customers. The guests were treated to three types of the spiky green fruit from the variety of D24, D13 and ‘Durian Kampung’.

Customers were also invited to a ‘kayaking’ activity. The customers enjoyed the event and some positive remarks included “Credits to KTSB. We enjoyed the bonding time with the casual atmosphere” and “A great event at a pleasant venue which opened up the opportunities to strengthen the working network with the KTSB staff and those from other plants.”

The team looks forward to continuing the tradition in the future and explore ideas to make it even more delightful and notable.

By Tengku Fatma Tuan Zawawi